Snapometer is about the simple-yet-adoring phenomenon that you determine when you experience nature, when you observe animals & birds, and when you admire flowers. Guess what? 


Lots and lots of beautiful things exist and happen around us, which we don't care or don't bother to care because of the busy schedule we have in this technological world.  We fail to understand that those are the moments, tiny little moments, which brings about a cute wrinkle around our chin, SMILE. It is this serene environment that brings colours to our life.  

Snapometer is about these things, most beautiful things, happening around us. It may be a staring dog, vibrant-yet-colourful flower, chirping birds, noisy waterfall or a silent lush green landscape. Snapometer brings in these tiny colourful moments to fill in your life with loads of happiness. And it is our responsibility to maintain and safeguard our environment, hence we add some conservation photographs, which is to induce the conservation behaviour in people.

"It is not how much you have, it is about how much you enjoy, that brings in HAPPINESS."

Be happy and also make us happy by sharing the pictures in your Social Forums. 

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